About Greenhorn

Greenhorn Studios
Lessons offered throughout the week!

New Location!!
Midwood International and Cultural Center
1817 Central Ave
Charlotte, NC 28205

About Us: We are local musicians and artists, teaching kids and adults what we love to do!

Mission Statement:  To nurture our student's talents, to provide well-tempered guidance and to foster a life-long appreciation of Music.

What is a Greenhorn? A "greenhorn" is somebody new to a subject or activity.  And while many of our students aren't beginners, we believe there is always new material and techniques to learn and perfect.  This is the essence of our approach, as our teachers continually create fresh lessons so our students are always engaged and challenged.

Teaching Philosophy: At Greenhorn Studios, we provide an encouraging atmosphere where young musicians can flourish.  We combine our years of teaching experience with proven techniques and modern ideas.  Our approach in a lesson is always positive and thoughtful.  And we are always open to music!